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Intro to ETH

Recorded Talks

Crypto Philosophy

The “why” behind blockchains, decentralized systems, and more.

Peer Protocols

Readings on traditional peer protocols, blockchains, and related quests.

Protocol Theory

The math and theory behind consensus protocols, distributed systems, and blockchains.


How to build decentralized apps (dapps) on the Ethereum blockchain.


Learn about the hottest ETH applications, including NFTs, ERC20, and decentralized finance.

Zero-knowledge Proofs

A powerful new cryptographic technique that allows you to verify computation on hidden inputs — the tech behind Zcash,, and Dark Forest!


Contextualizing ‘Eth2’ and talking about Ethereum protocol governance, and digging into the more interesting theoretical pieces of the future of Ethereum.


Introducing the different facets of finance adopted through a decentralized lens.

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