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Section 5: ZK Applications in Blockchain

This section focuses on real production use cases of ZK, including mixers/games/rollup on Ethereum, and ZCash / privacy coins. This is probably the friendliest section for engineering-minded readers.


ZK Rollup: Making Scalable Blockchains Possible

Loopring Lauches zkRollup Exchange

Introducing Private Transactions on Ethereum Now

To Mixers and Beyond: presenting Semaphore, a privacy gadget built on Ethereum

Announcing Dark Forest and A Look at the Dark Forest ZKPs

ZCash: How It Works


  • Bring assets onto and make a transaction on the Loopring decentralized exchange.
  • Make a Gitcoin donation using zkSync.
  • Make a private transaction using
  • Make a shielded transaction on ZCash.
  • Conquer a planet on Dark Forest.