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NFT (Non-Fungible Token)#

NFT is a hot topic this year. In workshop 2, we'll cover NFT, from NFT basics (ERC-721, the token standard for NFT) to all kinds of NFT applications.

NFT Workshop Slides



ERC-721 token standard

The Anatomy of ERC721

ERC-721 tutorial on with example

0xcert ERC721 - a reference implementation

CryptoKitties ERC-721 implementation (compatible with an earlier version of the standard)

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NFT landscape#


The Non-Fungible Token Bible: Everything you need to know about NFTs

A beginner's guide to NFTs

NFT Issuance Landscape


Here are a list of applications you can try out (this does not mean we endorse any of the project). For a more comprehensive list, see "Quick overview of the NFT Ecosystem".

  • CryptoKitty - buy and breed a CryptoKitty.
  • - Austin's project, a scaffold-eth build for creating an NFT platform that scales. Draw something on and mint the NFT, send it to another address; upgrade it to the Ethereum mainnet, and sell it on OpenSea; use your ENS name to sign your artwork for true authenticity.
  • OpenSea - NFT marketplace. Purchase an NFT on OpenSea.
  • ENS - Ethereum name service (ENS as NFT). Reserve an ENS name and link it to your Ethereum address.
  • Zora - an open protocol to curate and exchange NFTs. See "how to build your own auction house".
  • - a platform that allows creators to sell limited-edition goods, such as clothing, art, music, and really anything at all.
  • Mirror - a publishing platform to crowdfund writing with NFTs. Built on top of Zora.
  • Async Art - digital art marketplace for programmable art and music.
  • Hashmasks - a living digital art collectible.
  • Niftex- Fractional ownership of NFTs.
  • Aavegotchi - combines DeFi and NFT gaming where each Aavegotchi character represents a user's collateral that is dposited within the lending platform Aave.
  • CryptoPunks - 10,000 uniquely generated characters launched in mid-2017.
  • Bord Ape Yacht Club NFT - act as both avatars and tickets to an online social club.

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