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The Merge


  • The eth1 → eth2 transition + Eth1+Eth2 client relationship These two documents lay out the current plan for merging the PoS beacon chain with running PoW eth1, planned for later this year. They lay the groundwork for is now called 'The Merge'.
  • The ‘merge’ section of the eth2 spec + EIP 3675 These two are a more realtime update of merge plans. I'd recommend skimming all of them, but in particular look at the fork-choice rule changes in the eth2spec for an intuition of what the 'actual point of merge' will look like.
  • Merge readiness checklist A public TODO list for remaining work before the merge. This list is a great starting point for getting involved yourself!


  • Form a working understanding of the relationship between eth1/eth2 clients in the merged client
  • Take on an item from the merge readiness checklist If any of the items in the readiness checklist seem like something you'd like to work on, we can provide guidance on how to get involved!