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Eth2 is the current ‘community-agreed-upon’ name for a sequence of changes in the way consensus works in Ethereum. Over the years, it’s also come to represent a bunch of heavily researched changes that will happen subsequent to the consensus upgrade (i.e. sharding).

This topic will aim to provide an overview of these changes and the current state of things. This is obviously a really broad topic that could span many summers of content, so it’ll focus more on equipping you with the knowledge of where to dig deeper if something interests you than to give a full theoretical of everything.

Section 0 will set some groundwork by contextualizing ‘Eth2’ and talking about Ethereum protocol governance more generally.

Section 1 will dig into some of the more interesting theoretical pieces of the future of Ethereum.

Section 2 will focus on the state of the new PoS chain (called the beacon chain) today and give some context on how you can interface with it.

Section 3 will discuss the actual point of transition from ‘Eth1x’ and ‘Eth2’ called The Merge. We’ll cover the technical details as well as the social challenges.

This topic is very self-driven, but if you have real interest in an area, we can pull in some of the researchers and implementers specializing in that area for you to chat with, so don't let the unstructured-ness prevent you from going deep :).